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Softing Industrial Automation

2017.04.21. dataFEED edgeGate: Plug & Play Connectivity for Microsoft Azure IoT Suite Connected factory
2017.03.08. MQTT: Simple, reliable integration of process data with IoT cloud solutionst Softing at IT2Industry@AUTOMATICA 2016 (echocollect, dataFEEDua Gate SI, dataFEEDedge Gate)
2016.06.14. PBpro USB: Smallest PROFIBUS Master Interface for Mobile Applications
2016.06.08. Visit Softing at IT2Industry@AUTOMATICA 2016
2016.04.12. Softing Demonstrates OPC Competence at Hannover Fair 2016
2016.02.18. Softing OPC Development Toolkit News
2015.11.17. Softing Demonstrates First OPC UA Publisher/Subscriber Real-Time Stack
2015.12.07. SPS-IPC-DRIVES 2015: New Products from Softing
2015.03.24. EtherNet/IP to PROFINET gateway FG-260 - Control PROFINET Devices with EtherNet/IP PLC's
2015.02.10. FPGA comm. Modul, OPC UA Dev. Toolki-Softing invites you to the embedded world exhibition 2015
2014.11.18. New PROFIBUS Tester 5 BC-700-PB Including PROFIBUS PA Support
2014.11.11. dataFEED OPC-Quick Help Against DCOM Headaches
2014.10.21. New PROFIBUS Tester 5 BC-700-PB Including Cable Testing Functionality
2014.10.22. dataFEED OPC Suite: OPC Server Configuration in Just 3 Mouse Clicks
2014.07.22. NEW: Easy Process Visualization and Data Logging
2014.07.15. Managing Aging PROFIBUS Networks -BC-502-PB
2014.07.08. NEW: echocollect UA with Integrated OPC UA Server
2014.06.24.. Significantly Reduce Maintenance Cost
2014.06.10. Protect Your Process Data with echocollect
2014.05.24. Softing's echocollect: On-the-Fly Connection Between Modern Process Data Clients and Legacy PLC Networks


Red Lion/Sixnet/N-Tron

2016.11.15. Multi-carrier 4G LTE Sixnet® series RAM® 6000 and 9000 industrial cellular RTUs have earned NEMA TS2 section 2 compliance.
2016.10.25. Three new PoE+ Switches and Injectors at N-Tron® series of industrial Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) Gigabit products
2016.08.23. The latest firmware for the N-Tron® series of NT24k® and 700/7000 managed industrial Ethernet switches has been certified by ODVA to meet the requirements of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) specification. 
2016.04.14. Product Launch-PXU PID Controller 0-10 VDC Output
2016.02.09. New, High-Density E3 I/O™ Modules
2016.02.09. New Product Releases: E3 I/O Platform, Sixnet® Series RAM® Cellular RTU, N-Tron® Series Compact NT24k® DIN-Rail Fiber & PoE Switches, N-Tron® Series 1008TX,...
2015.09.21. Product UIpdate: Graphite® HMIs & NT24k™ Switches


CitectSCADA-Vijeo Citect/CitectHistorian-Vijeo Historian

2018.03.01. AVEVA transaction closes with Schneider Electric





2016.04.06. Introducing patches for Vijeo Citect / CitectSCADA
2015.07.24. What's new Brochure_ CitectSCADA 2015
2015.02.20. What's new Brochure_ CitectHistorian V4.50
2008.11.25. BACnet driver
2008.11.20. CitectSCADA és a FDA21 CFR Part 11
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